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- Please list your main character and their zkillboard links & the eveskillboard links                - zkill basically inactive cause i havent been playing due to lack of fun in game hoping yall can change this
- Please list ALL of your alts, each alt's roles in game, and links to their killboard along with a eveskillboard for each alt. If you have alts that you do not want to reveal publicly, talk to
   a director.               

sold every alt i have

- Why do you want to join Drop the Soap? 

why would you not want to..... nah just to have fun and blow shit up and actually enjoy eve again

- Why are you wanting to leave your current corp?

joined bums after sedition crashed already told mg im apping in to you guys hes cool with it no real reason why im leaving just want to have fun

- Who is your Vouch (If you have a vouch)?

Arnoce the cuck

- Have you ever held a leadership position in a corp? (Explain in details, position, job, and how good of a job you think you did)

yes i was leadership in sedition i did structure management did really well before i burnt out due to lack of help with it

- Who do you know in Drop the Soap? Who do you know in NSH.?


- What timezone are you in?

us east

- How many days/hours a week do you spend in EVE?

idk like 20? can spend more just looking for the right group

- What is the quickest Cyno ship to train into (Regular Cyno)

i have them all trained

- Do you have any experience hunting? If so provide links to some proud frags.

kinda not really never went total tryhard on it

- Are you willing to create a clean neutral alt for hunting?

ide like to stay at one toon tbh

- How long have you been playing for?

like 6 years total character is much older

- How do you make ISK?


- Do you fly logistics? Prove it


- Have you ever been kicked out of a corp or alliance? Why?


- How do you setup a whisper key on mumble?

thru the settings assign the key to current chanel ive had to do it too many times i reinstall windows yearly

- You get a ping that says "fleet up on FC <Name> comms 1". How do you find out what ship to fly?

it should be in the motd if not you wait till the fc fuckin tells you instead of spamming comms or fleet chat

- You get a ping and you're late, fleet has already left, how do you find out where the fleet is?

ask in fleet chat instead of comms could be a battle goin on?

- You just died in a clutch fleet ship (critical support role like a web/tp/boosher ship), what do you do?

go get another dont be a broke bitch also let the fc know in fleet chat

- You are on a cap fleet, taking gates, explain how not to bump when you land on the out gate.

not sure i dont normally gate caps also wont be flying them unless u want a main in a dread (which i could train and do)

- Admiral Wheeler pings for all dreads to log in bc we're going on a 50 gate roam to desto system to hunt for 5 hours for possibly no kills.. What do you do?

fuck it log in

- Anure pings he's tackled in a Slippery Pete by a slasher 7 jumps out. What do you do?

laugh first then go help em if i can

- Wallymarts has been FC'ing for 5 hours straight with a screaming toddler in the background. Do you continue to form up for Wally?

yeah but tell him to put the kid up for adoption

- What is the best Shield titan in the game?

none of them are fucking good imo

- Why is that titan the Leviathan?

erebus is better LOL PWNED

- Why is NSH an armor super alliance?

cause armor is better everyone knows this

- Who even put Anure in charge of this place?

i have no idea they should be banned