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- Please list your main character and their zkillboard links & the eveskillboard links

- Please list ALL of your alts, each alt's roles in game, and links to their killboard along with a eveskillboard for each alt. If you have alts that you do not want to reveal publicly, talk to
   a director.
Lord Sad - Dread / Rorqual
Terresa Achasse - Carrier/Indy/Probably my super toon soon

- Why do you want to join Drop the Soap?  I just wanna frag stuff and be more nomadic. Killing supers is something i've always wanted to do.

- Why are you wanting to leave your current corp?
Been running it too long. Management in eve is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

- Who is your Vouch (If you have a vouch)? MJ Anure

- Have you ever held a leadership position in a corp? (Explain in details, position, job, and how good of a job you think you did)
Director FC F-OFF, RECKU

- Who do you know in Drop the Soap? Who do you know in NSH.? I know MJ .

- What timezone are you in? EST USTZ

- How many days/hours a week do you spend in EVE? Too many

- What is the quickest Cyno ship to train into (Regular Cyno) Why is this a question? Force Recon

- Do you have any experience hunting? If so provide links to some proud frags.
Not really

- Are you willing to create a clean neutral alt for hunting? Sure

- How long have you been playing for? Since 05

- How do you make ISK? My portfolio is diversified

- Do you fly logistics? Prove it

- Have you ever been kicked out of a corp or alliance? Why? No

- How do you setup a whisper key on mumble? It's already setup

- You get a ping that says "fleet up on FC <Name> comms 1". How do you find out what ship to fly? read motd

- You get a ping and you're late, fleet has already left, how do you find out where the fleet is? eve map

- You just died in a clutch fleet ship (critical support role like a web/tp/boosher ship), what do you do? -1 in fleet with ship type

- You are on a cap fleet, taking gates, explain how not to bump when you land on the out gate. = Don't move

- Admiral Wheeler pings for all dreads to log in bc we're going on a 50 gate roam to desto system to hunt for 5 hours for possibly no kills.. What do you do? Log in

- Anure pings he's tackled in a Slippery Pete by a slasher 7 jumps out. What do you do? laugh

- Wallymarts has been FC'ing for 5 hours straight with a screaming toddler in the background. Do you continue to form up for Wally? Wally is eve jesus no?

- What is the best Shield titan in the game? a dead one

- Why is that titan the Leviathan? It's the Rag.

- Why is NSH an armor super alliance? This is lies. I've seen the Levi. joking aside Armor = better tank / Shield = more gank. Neuts can kill a tank of a shield super easily.

- Who even put Anure in charge of this place? He is probably the strongest Physically

Provide the following fits, and explain your reasoning:
- Your favorite nano gang ship and a brief description of how you would fly it.
Orthros Very good at kiting and shutting down tackle and other ships from tackling you due to its absurd scam range
-A very unusually or oddly fit ship, that is actually extremely useful in a specific niche role.
Malaus. Damps can be dangerous and unexpected.

Additional Requirements:
PM Brothuhbob#9988 on Discord and ask for authorization/blessing to apply to Drop the Soap. Screenshot and post his reponse here.

Bonus Question:

What makes Anure and Wheeler's friendship so special? (Correct answer grants instant admission into corporation)

The corp was named after their first meeting.


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App was low effort but your answer to the last question was instant vouch, welcome to -0OPS