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No current corp, only place in Eve for me is Iron <3

I guess Tridgit is my vouch lmao

EST baby

Not sure how much time Ill have, will definitely be able to make some however

5 years in this game smh a quarter of my damn life

Can make isk running sites or doing explo, I know how to not leech

Favorite fight was when my FAX totally jebaited Tartarus Coalition and we curbstomped them in response (that or the Eos we popped off the station dock)

Most embarrassing loss is 100% when I was moving my Nid from wicked creek and got dropped by purple helmeted warriors

Never been kicked

Join fleet, if comp isnt in MOTD then ask in fleet dont pipe up on comms like a dingus same for asking fleet location

IIRC you warp at range, but it's been a couple years so that's probably wrong. Teach me again!

I love literally every ship except for the godforsaken Celestis model like holy fuck whoever designed that was huffing Minmatar rust