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- Please list your main character and their zkillboard links & the eveskillboard links

Susan Delgad0

- Please list ALL of your alts, each alt's roles in game, and links to their killboard along with a eveskillboard for each alt. If you have alts that you do not want to reveal publicly, talk to your recruiter.

Galvanite - Market, Hunting, Dread, Logi, fax
BlitzUrSeoul - PVP, dread, logi, fax
xxxxx - flies xxxxx
yyyyy - flies yyyyy
Neo XX - Jump Freighter, carrier, fax
Ms Blitz - Jump Freighter, carrier, fax

Various other cyno toons, trading toons, logi toons

I can't be bothered to made eveskillboard links for all these toons, that's crazy talk.  they're all 100m-250m skillpoints.  You know them all from AA :P

- Why are you wanting to leave your current corp?

I'm putting alien aside for a bit, we had a split after AA and we're all kind of going to do our own thing for a bit, there's a few of us that will hopefully wind up here.  I always had a pretty good time with everyone here, so hoping that something works out.

- Who is your Vouch (If you have a vouch)?

Chuck, not sure if that helps me or hurts me...

- What about our advertisement made you decide to go through our app process?

Wait you guys advertise?  I kinda keep up with Chuck through discord chat, been talking to him on and off since AA

- What timezone are you in?


- How many days/hours a week do you spend in EVE?

What's Eve again?  Is that like a pr0n site?  I spend a lot of time watching that.

- Do you have any experience hunting? If so provide links to some proud frags.

sure, I killed a deer this one time. 
I also hunted down this Astero one time, epic.

- How long have you been playing for?

My oldest child is 13, I have been playing this wretched game for 15

- How do you make ISK?

Buy High Sell Low, how do I make money that way you ask?  Volume...

- Describe briefly your favorite fight you have been in.

I already linked the astero kill, I mean what else do you want to see?

Most fun fights I have had in eve were probably ~2010 timeframe, fighting dem0n Hunters or Rage in Geminate.  Basically we'd bring in 10 battleships vs 50 -60  and drop a triage archon on our battleships and wipe the field.  The archon never showed up on killmails, they never died, and the reports would look like we were completely elite. 

- Have you ever been kicked out of a corp or alliance? Why?

Define the word Ever.

Never been kicked.

- You get a ping that says "fleet up on FC <Name> comms 1". How do you find out what ship to fly?

I just get in my drake, and wait for the fc to look at the fleet comp and yell at me for being in a drake.  I then proceed to ask for handouts, and pretend I am a poor.  Heaven forbid I look at a motd in fleet chat...

- You get a ping and you're late, fleet has already left, how do you find out where the fleet is?

I get in my titan and start randomly gating, don't worry the fleet will come to me eventually.  Usually only takes a jump or two.  I mean typing in fleet chat asking, or carefully listening to what instruction are being given while paying attention to dotlan, even asking where the fleet currently is when there's a break in the action is a lot of goddamn effort.  I mean if I did that, I'd also have to get into an appropriate ship, catch up, and then I'm usually in some bullshit tackle role that I excel at, but hate flying.

- You are on a cap fleet, taking gates, explain how not to bump when you land on the out gate.

I usually cross my fingers and grab my peepee.  Assuming the way is scouted, and it better be, I'm going to jump and not hang out on the gate.

- Who would you turn gay for?

Jokes on you I'm already Hard Gay.

- What is your favorite ship in Eve?