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- Please list your main character and their zkillboard links & the eveskillboard links
Roberto Fresh - -

- Please list ALL of your alts, each alt's roles in game, and links to their killboard along with a eveskillboard for each alt. If you have alts that you do not want to reveal publicly, talk to your recruiter.
Nate Fresh - -

- Why are you wanting to leave your current corp?
Took a nice 7 month siesta....just had a yea got some time to burn while on Paternity Leave...

- Who is your Vouch (If you have a vouch)?
Chuckles, MooMoo, All dem old school MS bois

- What about our advertisement made you decide to go through our app process?
Used to run recruiting for MS...twice

- What timezone are you in?
USTZ - East coast

- How many days/hours a week do you spend in EVE?
Look...I already know I have an dont have to shame me about it....

- Do you have any experience hunting? If so provide links to some proud frags.
I suck at it

- How long have you been playing for?
2012...but fly at a Pre K level....

- How do you make ISK?
All the ways

- Describe briefly your favorite fight you have been in.
Ohhh man....really should either stop drinking...or record more

- Have you ever been kicked out of a corp or alliance? Why?

- You get a ping that says "fleet up on FC <Name> comms 1". How do you find out what ship to fly?
Read the ping...check in fleet chat...ask in fleet chat.

- You get a ping and you're late, fleet has already left, how do you find out where the fleet is?\
Ask in Fleet chat...see what FC needs...pray for tackle/bubbles

- You are on a cap fleet, taking gates, explain how not to bump when you land on the out gate.
clinch buttchecks and praeee

- Who would you turn gay for?
Ava Addams

- What is your favorite ship in Eve?
Tecate the Hecate