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Main - CoReTrigger -

Alt's - Commander Wisp and Freighter Bob. Wisp is a super/fax pilot , Freighter Bob is a cyno/utility/combat pilot.

Leaving my current corp due to it being disbanded by MG.

Why Iron? - I have been on many Iron fleets over last 2.5 years and have always enjoyed the experience.

Who's my Vouch? - Slim said he would vouch for me and any other prior Hobo's who were looking to stay out here in null.

What Timezone? - I play mainly in late EUTZ and early USTZ. I live in EST time zone and usually am logging off around 02 to 03 eve time.
I generally play for one or 2 hours each week night . My available time on the weekends varies during the fair weather months  due to work responsibilities.

How long playing Eve? - I have been playing Eve since 2010.

How do I make ISk? - I rat and plex for isk. More often than not  I plex for extra isk, because I don't have the time to dedicate to rating up whatever monies i need.

Favorite fight - One of the best fights I have been in was when we fought NSH in soli over a Fort timer last spring/summer. It was a good fight and the Salt from Wally made it all worthwhile.

Most embarrassing loss was a Bowhead loaded with cruiser hulls and fits in Dodixie about 2 years ago. I re-learned an important lesson that day, Do Not Pirate and Haul with the same toon....

Ever been kicked from a corp or alliance? - Never been kicked from a corp nor alliance.

MOTD is your friend when trying to figure out fleet comps...

To find  current location of a fleet, either wait for a break in voice comms or ask in fleet chat.

Mash that jump button to avoid the bump during capital gateing opps

My favrite ship in Eve has got the be either the Marshal or the Mach...


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if (when) you inevitably fuck up something in fleet, and i hear about it, how will you handle me approaching you directly about mistake, and forcing you to tell me the lesson you learned?