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Iron Guard Recruitment / Re: Felt cute, might self-destruct later
« on: May 28, 2020, 02:02:36 am »
Nothing personal but going off of your responses you seem like the type of person that will do one or any of the following on a regular basis: fail to pay attention/follow instructions during a fleet, talk too much during a fleet, fit your ship incorrectly, bring the wrong ship and/or argue about eve related things while being wrong.
Am I wrong? If so, why?

Based on my responses you're 100% correct.

Iron Guard Recruitment / Felt cute, might self-destruct later
« on: May 23, 2020, 12:06:30 am »
- Please list your main character and their zkillboard links.
Mina Tore

- Please list your alts and what role they have.    Names not needed right now.
I have an alt, it's role is to be there for when I know why I need an alt

- Why are you wanting to leave your current corp?
Everyone in this corp is better than me

- What made you seek us out?
Mental instability

- Who is your Vouch (If you have a vouch)?
Mina Tore

- What timezone are you in?

- How much time generally do you have available to play ?
Usually a few hours, I work a fair bit of OT but I can make time if there's a thing

- How long have you been playing for?
Not very

- How do you make ISK - are  you self-sufficient?
Does being provided with ships count as being self-sufficient?

- Describe briefly your favorite fight you have been in.
There was a line of red squares, and I made some of those squares annoyed while following the blue square line following the #1 blue square

- What is your most embarrassing loss?   What happened?
I lost my virginity to yer mum - I don't have a serious answer

- Have you ever been kicked out of a corp or alliance? Why?
One, IIRC the corp was called Steel Defender? Bronze Warden?

- You get a ping that says "fleet up on FC <Name> comms 1". How do you find out what ship to fly?
cheat off my neighbour

- You get a ping and you're late, fleet has already left, how do you find out where the fleet is?
Ask in the place designated to ask / Don't be late

- You are on a cap fleet, taking gates, explain how not to bump when you land on the out gate.
dunno, probably do the thing yer told because FC will still have to yell it a million times because someone (definitely not me) will still fuck it up

- What is your favorite ship in Eve?
Tridget x Pinecone

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