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Create a new forum thread with your main's name as the title. Copy the application questions found below the line into your post. Answer them to the best of your ability. Ensure that you do not delete the original question, your responses should be posted below the question with one line of spacing between the question and the response. Please mind your formatting. Once you've posted your application endeavour to respond to serious questions that members of the corp and alliance post in your thread (failure to respond to irrelevant, ridiculous or otherwise dumb questions will NOT be counted against you in considering your application, use your common sense in deciding whether this applies to a question that a member asks). Moreover, ensure that your vouch posts in your thread once it is up to confirm that they are vouching for you. We will leave your application up for a few days before making a decision on whether to accept or decline, please be patient.



1. Tell us about yourself (Include: How old you are, what you do, where you live, the timezone you play in and what languages you speak). How many hours you play during an average week and how long you have been playing?

2. List of your all characters on each of your accounts. Include links to their respective killboards ( ) and a short description of each character's purpose. If you have characters which require opsec PM the relevant info to Aldent Arkanon. Cyno, HS and market alts can be excluded. 

3. Have you ever bought or sold characters? If so, list the characters and date(s) of transfer and link each sale thread below.

4. Provide a synopsis of your EvE Career and PVP experience. List each and every corporation you joined - Specifically detailing: Your motivations at the time, what you did there and why you left.

5. Do you own a super/titan? If not, are you willing/able to acquire one if you join?

6. Do you have at least one character that can use an Apostle? If not, are you willing/able to acquire one if you join?


7. What do you like to do in EVE? Why do you play?

8. Describe your skill queues. What are your short and long term training goals?

9. What do you think you are good at? What are you not comfortable doing or feel you need to improve on in EVE? Elaborate.

10. How do we know that you're not a J4G? Do you intend to play with the corp in addition to alliance activities or will you solely be a ping warrior?

11. How did you hear about, and what made you want to join TXFOZ? If you have a vouch from a current member of TXFOZ mention it here.


12. Link your favourite kill and describe what lead to it. (Decisions made, tactics used, etc)

13. Link your worst loss to another player and explain what you did wrong / What you could have done to avoid it.

14. What is your primary source of income? What can you realistically afford to replace in a week? (Be honest).

15. Provide an example fit (Read: Provide EFT Blocks) for each of the following: A Tackle-ceptor, Flycatcher, gank Hel and T3 Hunter with a short description explaining your fitting choices and intended purpose.

16. How much experience do you have in using capitals and supercapitals?


17. You are the FC of a large Tempest Fleet Issue fleet which must hold the grid. Enemy bombers are in system and your support wing is 10 jumps out. What do you do?

18. You are solo in a Vagabond and jump into a gate-camp with several interceptors and an Arazu. What do you do?

19. You are in an average sized system while a hostile Super is warping around the system. How do you find it? Elaborate on each step.

20. While roaming [In a T1 cruiser of your choice, provide the fit below], you find a prophecy alone in a belt. You decide to engage. What do you do?

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