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Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. Make sure to give thought to each of the questions.

Please add some color and personalize your application

1) We want to know about you

  • Do you have a vouch? If you do please name them.


  • Tell us a little bit about who you are ie. age and timezone


  • Link any reddit accounts, twitter, etc.


  • Why are you applying to Asymmetrical Warfare over other less selective and easier corporations in NSH?


2) Your EVE story

  • What do you like doing in eve?


  • Why are you leaving your current corp?


  • How do you support yourself in eve?


  • What are your personal skills in EVE? Do you know how to FC, hunt, probe?


  • Tell us something you're proud about that you've accomplished in EVE.


3) Your Characters

  • Can you fly capitals? If yes which ones


  • Please link the zkill of any of your major characters. Also outline anything that they can fly. *PLEASE PROVIDE SALES THREAD IF THEY WERE PURCHASED*



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