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Recruitment: Selective (Read First)

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TAKLD is currently recruiting selectively, vouch is preferred but not required.


Recruitment status: Selective


Please take the template provided in the other thread and post a new thread with your answers. Be thorough with your answers and respond to any questions that you may get asked. Questions from TAKLD members you are required to answer, alliance members we prefer you answer.


We are trying to get a feel for who you are and how you will fit into our corp culture so effort will go a long way.


Asymmetrical Warfare is a corporation that is currently based in Derelik

We are USTZ with activity going on during east, central, and west timezones

What we offer:

  • Medium sized PVP
  • Capital Fights
  • Black ops

What we require:

  • Active Pilots
  • 20 million SP minimum on your main
  • Be self sufficient
  • Willing to train into doctrines

Any questions?

  • Join our ingame channel: TAKLD 
  • Mail Skayarck Arran, CharleytheChair
  • Message Skayarck#4218 or Chair#9017 on discord

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