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  1. CharleytheChair


    What are your play times like? Are you willing to participate in fleets that aren’t always going to end up in those cool BRs people post on reddit?
  2. CharleytheChair

    Application: Mong Ki (Accepted)

    -1000000000 you fucking disgrace
  3. CharleytheChair

    fistofwrath (Accepted)

    What did you copy your ratting hel fit from goons? Those damn red crosses really going to be coming for ya with us you know.
  4. CharleytheChair

    FroHawk Sarn's App (Accepted)

    This man has the finest of tastes.
  5. CharleytheChair

    FroHawk Sarn's App (Accepted)

    +9999999 very good dude and a good pilot too. Also so I have something to tell you about jams.... they kind of nerfed then.
  6. CharleytheChair

    Izlare application (Accepted)

    Your cap stuff could use some work, but that will come with time. However, your knowledge of mechanics and your thought process through the different situations is very good. +1 from me.
  7. CharleytheChair

    Izlare application (Accepted)

    What ship?
  8. CharleytheChair

    Izlare application (Accepted)

    I am 23 and I still do this every day. And question why I recruited him.
  9. CharleytheChair

    Izlare application (Accepted)

    If you were asked to fit up a suicide dread of your choice how would you fit it?
  10. CharleytheChair

    Kanapeczki Kanapeczki

    If there are then they are no friends of mine.
  11. CharleytheChair

    Kanapeczki Kanapeczki

    Do you play any other way than xenophobic? And if so are you a dirty fucking hippy?
  12. CharleytheChair

    Raz Destructor App (Accepted)

    The retri was scrammed and had an mwd.
  13. CharleytheChair

    Kanapeczki Kanapeczki

    This is the most amazing super name ever.
  14. CharleytheChair

    Raz Destructor App (Accepted)

    Ignore Blinky
  15. CharleytheChair

    Raz Destructor App (Accepted)