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  1. Jesus Rambo

    Veppser App

    Good job on the Enforcer. What’s your best salsa recipe? And when the fleet does into being, where can having the way look?
  2. Jesus Rambo

    Usils' App

    +1 from me, a man with 2 sins is a man i can dig
  3. Jesus Rambo

    WoAz Application

    +1 from me, everything looks gucci to me
  4. Jesus Rambo

    WoAz Application

    sorry i don't speak surrender
  5. Jesus Rambo

    WoAz Application

    ur ankles are in 4 a bad time kiddo
  6. Jesus Rambo

    WoAz Application

    Fill in the blank: "HELL YEAH _________"
  7. Jesus Rambo

    Usils' App

    How many machs u think i gotta bribe aldent with to nuke your section too
  8. Jesus Rambo

    WoAz Application

    Never heard of em
  9. Jesus Rambo

    WoAz Application

    wee men will rise again loser
  10. Jesus Rambo

    WoAz Application

    HMMMMMMM you and Usils have the exact same enforcer fit except for khanid web vs fed navy and ship scanner vs sebo 🤔 Otherwise nice app though! What's your sin fit, and why do you like it over the other blops? How recently have you FCed, and is it something you're interested in doing more of? Fine if the answer is like "5 years ago and no", just curious
  11. Jesus Rambo

    Usils' App

    Solid app dude. Why the dual plates and sebo on the Enforcer?
  12. Jesus Rambo

    Good morning

    What's the secret ingredient in good salsa?