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  1. Typherian

    Application - Cherilyn Boxer (pplord) (Accepted)

    I was thinking of being mature and polite about this but the recruit already did that for me and to be honest I'm sick of your condescending self important bullshit. Pull your head out of your ass and remember that this is a game. We are not snuffbox. We are not elitist assholes. Well most of us aren't at least. Now to directly respond to the quoted text. Projecting much? Rich coming from the guy that whined and gave up on the fleet on open comms over the FC during a fight because things weren't going 100% to plan. I can 100% vouch for the fact that this recruit will have better fleet comms discipline than you did. I can also vouch that the recruit won't rage quit over three losses while the rest of us are celebrating after having a fun fight. You know what just because the recruit responded in a mature manner to that display of cunty drivel I'm accepting the app now. Apply in game. Case closed.
  2. Typherian

    Application - Cherilyn Boxer (pplord) (Accepted)

    Vouched. May not be the most experienced pilot but has the skills to fly something useful in all of our subcap doctrines. Plans were made at the sushi place. This has been foreseen.
  3. Typherian

    Tayllor04 App - ACCEPTED

    Max tier flex on the bus fit. Criterion is recruiting.