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    Application Template

    If you're looking to apply to corp please use this as a template and copy paste the questions along with the answers, into your recruitment thread. 1. What are you wearing? 2. Did someone in VOID invite you to join? If yes, who? 3. A/S/L... if you don't know what that is google is your friend. 4. Link a zkill link to your main pvp toon. 5. What timezone do you play in and around how many hours do you play per week? 6. What is your favorite ship to fly and why? 7. Is your toon capital capable, and if yes, what caps can you fly and which do you have? 8. What is your most memorable event in eve online? 9. What is your most memorable event in World of Warcraft? 10. Are you isk self sufficient? How? 11. On a scale 1-10, how much of a bittervet are you? The keyword being Bitter. 12. Are you ready to accept yourself into Halifax's true light? 13. With your addition into the corp, how many alts does Halifax have now?