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  1. Astinos Zexos

    Veppser App

    It's a chill Friday night. No ops, no works, nothing but time. Your alliance boi sayz "BLOPS and Covops on me nerds, let's go find something to kill." What toons do you bring, what are their roles, what are they flying, and generally how are they fit? (Don't have to go full EFT on the fits here, just gimme a TLDR)
  2. Astinos Zexos

    Usils' App

    What's a Marshal? Next question: One of our hunters pings that they are going out with covert equipped. (Usually looks like this: 'We blopsin boiz, get in ______ fleet') How many of your characters do you dedicate to the fleet and what is their ship and role?
  3. Astinos Zexos

    FroHawk Sarn's App (Accepted)

    How do you feel about the word "yeet"? Also, what month do you turn 30? Gotta know this. And then lastly, you're sitting in staging with your carrier awaiting a cyno to drop on a mining fleet. Everything is set up with no red flags. Anure lights the cyno and says jump. You smash button like a gudboi. Then he says "wait no there's a cyno". What is the first word out of your mouth?