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  1. Yabbiy


    I have two questions. A concern i have with people that join are that they have a good way to make isk yet still be around to help out. My other curiosity is what kind of pvp do you like? Do you like roaming, dropping big ships on people. Brawling? What KIND of content are you looking for?
  2. Yabbiy

    Wallymarts - ACCEPTED

    DO you WATCH ANIME? You are required to answer the above question.
  3. Yabbiy

    Application: Mong Ki (Accepted)

    I think most of leadership saw this and my guys are cool with it. Since this has turned into yet another steak and weeb descusion im going to go ahead and accept.
  4. Yabbiy

    Application: Mong Ki (Accepted)

    I helped mong get into pvp back before escalating entropy moved to vey. I have known him for a very long time at this point. He likes his subcaps more then capitals but in we need more capable subcap stuff right now anyway. He can fly a lot of different battleships, were gonna work on getting him into the doctrine ones and some better isk making stuff for him as well. In other words +1. Feel free to ask him more questions however. ps he came on 2 fleets yesterday and in one tackled a hulk for us and in the other was our hero tackle for the DHSJ battleships.
  5. Yabbiy

    FroHawk Sarn's App (Accepted)

    Stance on anime?
  6. Yabbiy

    Marcus Skyshatter (Accepted)

    At some point i would like to talk to you on comms but i wont be hone till monday and considering that you are vouched for, answered everything well and no one seems to have any serious questions for you go ahead and apply.
  7. Yabbiy

    Raz Destructor App (Accepted)

    What's your favorite anime? You have to answer this question.
  8. Yabbiy

    John Xadin (Accepted)

    Go ahead and app. /accepted
  9. Yabbiy

    Application Template

    Currently, Salty is Invite only, don't bother filling this out unless we told you to do so. The purpose of this is so that the alliance can get to know a little bit about you and make sure everything is aired out. 1. Who do you know in NSH/Salty? Some details on how you met some of the people that are vouching you in. 2. What time zone do you play in primarily? 3. Where do you live and what languages do you speak? 4. How old are you? 5. How many hours of eve do you play on an average week? 6. How many characters/accounts do you have including any purchased. Anything sensitive, don't mention here. 7. Tell us a little about your history in eve. What have you done? Who are your friends and enemies? Anything else notable? 8. Why are you leaving your current Corporation or alliance? 9. Assuming you are not another F1 pusher. What are some of your other uses for fleets? Any examples of FCing or flying logi/tackle/scouting toons, spying or anything else specifically useful. 10. Do you play any other games? Watch anime? Anything else we should know or you care to share? 11. Are you a spy? You are legally obligated to answer this truthfully. 12. How do you like your steak done? There are only 2 correct answers.
  10. Yabbiy

    Phjil application (Accepted)

    Just curious. You're the founder of the unleashed fury corp in INIT? How long were you with them?
  11. Yabbiy

    Kailaini (accepted)

    Im just curious how you make your isk, planning to build caps i assume, and can you fly a loki?
  12. Yabbiy

    Thoradain Greelich (ACCEPTED)

    Last thing from me. How do you make isk? and this part 🙂 Also the answers to the anime questions were acceptable ! 🙂
  13. Yabbiy

    Thoradain Greelich (ACCEPTED)

    Can you fly loki's and sleipnirs? Any plans for a second account? Also do you have a favorite anime? How do you feel about weebs in general?