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  1. Yabbiy

    Halitosis Borodov (Approved)

    You answered all 5 of my questions incorrectly. +1
  2. Yabbiy

    Halitosis Borodov (Approved)

    1. What is your favorite anime? 2. Who is cuter then Yabbiy. <--- Trick question 3. Dota or LOL 4. Does size matter. (clearly talking about penis here in this question( 5. Can you fly a golem, and do you understand high sec mechanics?
  3. Yabbiy

    Spectre Jax

    You must have a good answer for one of the three. I don't care if you do research to answer this, but you ahve to know the answer to at least 1. Favorite anime? Who is yung dab? Is kissing girls gay?
  4. Yabbiy


    I have two questions. A concern i have with people that join are that they have a good way to make isk yet still be around to help out. My other curiosity is what kind of pvp do you like? Do you like roaming, dropping big ships on people. Brawling? What KIND of content are you looking for?
  5. Yabbiy

    Wallymarts - ACCEPTED

    DO you WATCH ANIME? You are required to answer the above question.
  6. Yabbiy

    FroHawk Sarn's App (Accepted)

    Stance on anime?
  7. Yabbiy

    Raz Destructor App (Accepted)

    What's your favorite anime? You have to answer this question.