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  1. [ANTI] Tyrone Eastwood

    Izlare application (Accepted)

    Not a good look putting no thought into the fit. You could of done a lot better. Kinda expected your attention to detail to be a little more on point. Not a great app imo. I like ignor however. +.5. Good luck man
  2. [ANTI] Tyrone Eastwood

    Izlare application (Accepted)

    why t2 fit the whole thing and then not even spend the cheap upgrades to imperial enams? also why the smartbomb over a neut which is infinity more valuable?
  3. [ANTI] Tyrone Eastwood

    Izlare application (Accepted)

    -1 for white on white (only acceptable in porn). +1 for being able to relate to the struggle that is parenting and playing eve. Now, theoretical question. Admiral Wheeler's titan is getting gang raped by a dread bomb and you're his only out cyno (because he's bad). He somehow manages to kill the hics tackling him and can jump out. At the same time, your kid decides to start eating change you left on the floor. What do you do?