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  1. Anure

    Kataris Jaartik - ACCEPTED

    God bless, friend. App Accepted - Feel free to app your toons at your earliest convenience
  2. Anure

    fistofwrath (Accepted)

    Go ahead and App with a rev fit in the app message
  3. Anure

    fistofwrath (Accepted)

  4. Anure

    Sexytim (Accepted)

    Panther -> Redeemer -> Sin -> Atron -> Widow @Sexytim If accepted, would you be willing to train an alt into an Apostle?
  5. Anure

    FroHawk Sarn's App (Accepted)

    Do you have a FoHawk?
  6. Anure

    Tayllor04 App - ACCEPTED

    I'm just getting home and soaking up messages and forum posts. I'm genuinely curious though. In your opinion is this a good and proper bus fit, or would you fit it differently? I am willing to buy a decent fit in EFT format
  7. Anure

    Tayllor04 App - ACCEPTED

    yo what's up with this bus fit though Just curious, can you link one properly fit? or would you consider this properly fit?
  8. Anure

    John Xadin (Accepted)

    Given the current prices of Titans. Would you bet me a titan that in 1 week I could grind level 5s to buy one? EDIT: Plz give us your Widow fit
  9. Anure

    Phjil application (Accepted)

    I agree, I am genuinely curious as well. Welcome to NSH, friend.
  10. Anure

    Thoradain Greelich (ACCEPTED)

    You a big dummy - and account sharing is against EULA SO YOU BETTER LOG IN AND PLAY PINGAS
  11. Anure

    Thoradain Greelich (ACCEPTED)

    You'll find that EVE is much easier to play when you have useful alts. Additionally, I would like Pingas to log in and confirm his vouch, so if you have a way to get ahold of him to do so - please do. If you're grinding 1 bill a day, you can sub a new account in 2 days if spending 15 bucks a month is not your cup of tea. You're making more isk/hr than half the alliance, so I have faith. One more question (Atleast from me) before we wrap this up pending Pingas post: Which of the following ships can you fly?
  12. Anure


  13. Anure

    Leshaqz :stabby: :stabby:

    Leshaq Fleet for Final Azbel Timer!
  14. Anure

    Application Template

    MAKE THE TITLE YOUR MAIN'S NAME 1. Who do you know in Drop the Soap and/or NSH? Give us a some details of how you met some or all. 2. What Time Zone do you primarily play in? 3. Where do you live and what languages do you speak? 4. How old are you? 5. How many hours do you play Eve on average during a week? 6. Give a list of all your Characters, what they can fly, and if you've always owned or purchased them. Any super sekret toons, PM to @Anure 7. Tell uѕ about your history in Eve. Where have you been? What have you done? Who are your friends? Your enemies? What was your most memorable fight? 8. Why are you leaving your current corporation and/or alliance? Please let us know what you did and didn't like about your previous home. 9. Why are you trying to join Drop the Soap over other‚ less selective and easier cоrporatіons within NSH? 10. What ѕetѕ you apart from being yet another F1 pushing member in fleets? Give examples of you being useful and/or leading fleets; include logs or battle/after-action reports you might have written. 11. What games other than Eve do you play? Feel free to lіnk your Steаm/Origin/ account if you feel comfortable doing ѕo. 12. Link a Revelation fit that works in the current Meta in EFT format, and explain why you fit it that way. Be prepаred to anѕwer queѕtions from other NSH members as your thread goes on. Ignore any comments or questions from those not in Drop the Soap unless otherwise asked to respond to them by a Drop the Soap member.
  15. RECRUITMENT STATUS: VOUCH ONLY Hello, Comrades. Let me start off by saying thank you for considering Drop the Soap and NSH as your new home. Before you join, there are a few things you should know. Drop the Soap requires a Vouch from a current Drop the Soap Member in good standing with the Corp/Alliance. The person vouching you must also know that should you get in and turn out to be a spy, shitbag, or all around terrible enough to bring others down with you - they will also be held accountable for you being said shitbag. Thanks - ANURE